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3.4 Morning Coffee

Best. Week. Ever?

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Outside of a NCAA tournament run, I'm not sure Marquette could have had a better week. First - beat departing Syracuse in wonderful fashion while their coach goes and yells at the press. Second - It appears the Catholic 7 conference will keep the Big East name (woot!) and will very likely start this year (HELLZYES!) And last but not least, the team dismantled Notre Dame on their way out the door. Enjoy the ACC Syracuse/Domers!

And Fox Sports is holding their big press conference tomorrow. Expect big things in the next 24 hours kids.

Oh, yeah, the team went undefeated at home this year have now won 25 straight at home and have secured a double bye in the Big East Tournament. It's a damn good time to be a Marquette fan.

What seed are they looking at for the BET? Paint Touches has you covered.

MUST CLICK: Oh, Twitter - this was an amazing gift last week - Buzz Williams with hair, from 2000.

Next up, two very, very winnable games. KenPom has both games over 65% in Marquette's favor. Stranger things have happened on the road, but I'm expecting a 2-0 week from the boys. Just have to hope some other teams lose.

If you missed it, the men's lacrosse team picked up their first win this weekend.

Life got in the way of Rubie's recap. It's coming. Promise.


That's one heck of a buzzer beater, if it did actually beat the buzzer.

Ferris Bueller should probably be in jail.

Movies with far too many sequels.

Curly Sue is all grown up.

Any Foo Fighter fans?

The cast of Silver Spoons got back together.

Enough, Mother Nature, we get it.

Nice job, mom.

I hope not.

Some old school Jackie Gleason album covers.

Live eels records? Count me in.

Bad Rabbits = Damn fine sounding rabbits.

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