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Big East Big Five: The Conclusion

It's the last week of the regular season, so it's the last week of the Big Five.

Little known Big East tiebreaker: BREAKDANCING COMPETITION.
Little known Big East tiebreaker: BREAKDANCING COMPETITION.

The only things we know for sure heading in to the last week of the regular season is that Georgetown and Marquette have clinched double byes, while Rutgers, Seton Hall, DePaul and South Florida are locked into the doubleheader that will open the Big East tournament. 14 games between now and 6pm Saturday night will determine the rest of the seeding for the conference tournament starting next Tuesday.


Monday, March 4: Cincinnati at #8 Louisville (6pm Central, ESPN) - Cincy needs a win to hang on to their NCAA tournament hopes and while the Cardinals are currently in front of MU in the standings, they haven't locked up a double bye because of a tiebreaker with Notre Dame.

Wednesday, March 6: #5 Georgetown at Villanova (6pm Central, ESPN2) - Which home court Villanova shows up? Causing court storming against Syracuse and Louisville Nova or lost to Providence and Columbia Nova? For what it's worth, this one's at the Wells Fargo Center, not the Pavilion.

Saturday, March 9: Providence at Connecticut (11am Central, ESPNU) - I'm going to presume that the Friars are capable of beating Seton Hall at home earlier in the week, so this game will carry weight for Providence's NCAA tournament hopes, which yes, actually exist.

Saturday, March 9: #17 Syracuse at #5 Georgetown (11am Central, ESPN) - The Friars will be striving for greatness in relative darkness, as everyone's attention will probably be glued to this one. Marquette's game will be starting right about as this one starts up, so we will know pretty quickly as to whether a conference title is still in the cards.

Saturday, March 9: #24 Notre Dame at #8 Louisville (3pm Central, CBS) - Given the tiebreakers involved, this game could end up deciding a double bye spot in the Big East tournament. I'm not going to complain if either of these two teams lose this game, honestly.