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Volleyball Opens Spring Schedule Against UWM

The SportCourt gets rolled back out at the Al McGuire Center tonight as the volleyball team begins their spring slate.

Elizabeth Koberstein might be the biggest benefactor of MU's coaching changes.
Elizabeth Koberstein might be the biggest benefactor of MU's coaching changes.

Marquette head coach Bond Shymansky has a bit of work ahead of him this spring. Not only does he need to get his team ready to operate without departed seniors Danielle Carlson, Holly Mertens, Kelsey Mattai, and Carol Henney, but Coach Shymansky has also replaced both of his assistant coaches since the volleyball season ended. Craig Dyer took a job as an assistant at Pittsburgh, and Michaela Franklin is now the head coach at UW-Green Bay. To replace them, Shymansky has hired former All-American setter (and Badger) Jackie Simpson and former Iowa assistant Jason Allen.

As far as the spring competition goes, things get started tonight "around" 7pm against UWM. Admission to all spring games at the Al McGuire Center is free, so you have no excuses this time.

Marquette will return to action on March 30, when they host a tournament at the Al McGuire Center. We already know that UWM will participate in that as well, along with Illinois State and UW-Green Bay. On April 6, the Golden Eagles will travel to Aurora, IL, for the Great Lakes Center Collegiate Challenge. MU will wrap up the spring schedule at home on Thursday, April 11, at 5pm, when they face Northwestern.

If you'd like a convenient list to print out, you can use this handy dandy PDF from the athletic department. Don't say I'm not looking out for you.