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4.15 Morning Coffee: Tax Day Edition

I got nothing.

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Win McNamee


From now until October is going to suck. The off season, aka the Silly season, is upon us. Already over 250 kids are transferring. Thank goodness I don't read message boards.

The more Larry talks about the new league, the happier I am he's the person in charge.

It appears, despite being in the same conference, both Creighton and Marquette will still play in the Anaheim Classic over Thanksgiving.

THIS. A million times over.

I'm gonna go ship my pants

Suck it, SEC!

Shuggie Otis is the man.

Lots of people went to see 42.

No idea how they'll make this into a movie.

RIP, Chi Cheng.

This place will be out of business shortly.

Shocking, Sharon & Ozzy can't stayed married.

The Femmes were great at Coachella.

A man named Francis will lead the revolution.

Marquette Links:
Paint Touches mailbag.
We barely knew ya Jamal.
Our player recaps are coming along nicely.
Our first year LAX team is better than yours!
Have you voted yet?

Random Music Video: John Michael Rouchell - Holler. Download the song for free here.