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Ok, So They're Good: #20 Loyola (MD) 17, Marquette 2

This could have gone better.

I'm getting a lot of use out of this picture of Kenzie Brown (9) and Claire Costanza (12).
I'm getting a lot of use out of this picture of Kenzie Brown (9) and Claire Costanza (12).

55 seconds in, Joanna Dalton found the back of the net on Loyola's first shot of the game. Their third, fourth, fifth, and sixth shots of the game also went in. It was 5-0 less than nine minutes into the game, and that was pretty much that.

I mean, yeah, Kenzie Brown hit the Ricky Steamboat hope spot by sneaking in one punch to make it 5-1, but Loyola scored the next nine goals, including a first half hat trick for Cassandra Cursaro. Claire Costanza broke the Greyhound run on a free position restart at the 25:24 mark of the second half, but that was all offense MU could muster on the day.

Two things stood out to me while I was watching. First, Marquette was getting beaten badly on the draw. L-MD ended up with a 16-5 advantage, with 12 of those draw controls coming in the first half. Second, and I mentioned this on Twitter, but the Greyhounds are a great nickname for Loyola, because they can RUN. I mean that from both a literal perspective - they are very fast - but also from an in game perspective. Not only can Loyola run up and down the field quickly, but they're able to make passes while doing so, which makes them look even faster. The first one might be something that can be adjusted from a tactical standpoint, but the second one might just come down to the fact that Marquette is a first year program and will start catching up from an athletic perspective eventually.

Up Next: This was the last home game of Marquette's inaugural season, but they have three more road games on their run through the Big East schedule. The first of the three is Connecticut (11-1) coming up this Friday night.