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BASTARDS BRACKETOLOGY: Round of 32: Digger Phelps Memorial Pod

With the 2012-'13 season in the rearview mirror, our quest to find THE most hated opponent in recent Marquette history resumes with second-round voting in the Digger Phelps Memorial Pod.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

A couple weeks back, inspired by Grantland's magnificent attempt to identify the most hated college basketball player from the last 30 years, Joe McCann, Dan Maciejewski and I endeavored to create a similar, single-elimination tournament to find THE most hated opposing player in Marquette's recent history.

To that end, we created a bracket with the 48 most reviled Marquette opponents from the last 20 (or so) years. To give things some kind of structure, we divided the brackets into players from MU's Conference USA years and players from MU's Big East years, and then subdivided things into 16-player pods: the Digger Phelps Memorial Pod; the Denny Crum's Combover Pod; the Uncle Ricky's Porcini Pod; and Bo Ryan's Zombie Nation Pod.

We've finished the voting for the Round of 48, and the field has been narrowed to 32. Below are the results from the Digger Phelps Memorial Pod, along with the matchups for the next round.

If you'd be so kind, vote for the cats you like the least using the Google doc below. We'll announce the results in a few days.