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4.29 Morning Coffee

No cupcakes.

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Andy Lyons


Hey look at that, scheduling news!

Hey, remember when we played Norfolk St. at the BC and then like 10 days later we played them in the Bahamas? That's a potential with ASU. They're in the Anaheim Classic just like Creighton. So you know ASU and CU will be on the opposite side of the bracket. Leaving a potential rematch against Miami on the other side of the bracket? No matter how it pans out, that's gonna be a pretty damn good tournament.

And with his return, there is a chance we could face Doug McDermott 4 times next season. Yikes.

At some point, do you say the schedule becomes too loaded? It's almost to that point.

Have you kept up with our player reviews?

These behind the scenes Empire Strikes Back pics are pretty rad.

Paul 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald at the NFL Draft never fails to amuse.

This is my kind of Packers fan.

B1G basketball jokes are always funny.

Go drop $4.95 on this EP from John Michael Rouchell. It's worth it. Plus he's a Jesuit educated kid like you. and me.

I've been putting Frosting On The Beater for 20 years now.

So, my hometown is pretty cool.

The boys are throwing out the first pitch tonight at the Brewers game.
What could have been: Juan Anderson.
Marquette offered to this kid.

Random Music Video: Frank Turner - 'Four Simple Words'