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POLL: What Was Your Favorite Moment Of The Jake Thomas Era?

Jake, we hardly knew ye...

Shooter gotta shoot.
Shooter gotta shoot.

Late last night,'s Jeff Goodman reported that junior Jake Thomas would be transferring at the end of the school year. This has very little impact on Marquette, as even though Thomas was on scholarship since transferring in from South Dakota, he was never supposed to be on scholarship and definitely wouldn't be next year.

While I have all sorts of procedural questions about Thomas' transfer, Marquette fans as a whole are left to ponder the big question:

What was your favorite moment of the Jake Thomas Era?

Likely possibilities are as follows:

1) The four point play vs Syracuse:

2) The putback and-1 that was lost to time when Rotnei Clarke made a bigger shot in Maui.

3) The missed three ball in the Resch Center that would have beaten Green Bay.

4) The 17 disappointed exhales from the crowd when Thomas missed three pointers in the Bradley Center.

Pick your favorite in the poll below! If you have your own favorite moment, then pipe up in the comments!