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Jamal Ferguson To Transfer

Well, that solves the scholarship issue.


No point in getting into a preamble, so let's get straight to the tweets from @MarquetteMBB:

This is one of those transfers that's simultaneously surprising and unsurprising. On one hand, I don't think anyone really expected a lot of minutes for Ferguson this year. On the other hand, things are going to get awfully crowded in the backcourt next year, so I can't blame him for wanting to take another crack at things closer to home.

Before the announcement of Ferguson's transfer, Marquette was sitting at 14 scholarship players for next year, and this brings them down to the NCAA allowed 13. If nothing else, this allows Vander Blue to make an educated decision about his NBA Draft future without a cloud of Buzz Williams needing to free up a scholarship for next year.

In any case, I'm always kind of bummed to see a guy transfer before we get a chance to see what he can do on the court. There's a reason why Buzz goes out and recruits these guys, and I trust his sense for talent and how it can fit in to what he wants the team to do on the floor. But not everyone is disappointed in Ferguson's departure: