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Who Is Getting Sent Home For The Summer?

It's a tradition unlike any other.

Geez, Buzz, we all know you're sending someone home. You don't have to shun the guy, too.
Geez, Buzz, we all know you're sending someone home. You don't have to shun the guy, too.
Rob Carr

Final exams ended back on Friday, and the residence halls closed on Saturday afternoon, which means it's officially summer break for Marquette students.

That means it's time for men's basketball head coach Buzz Williams to send someone home for the summer!

You of course all remember last summer when news broke that Todd Mayo was indefinitely suspended from team activities, and how Paint Touches found out in October that whoever called it a suspension in the first place might have been using slightly strong language. (Aside: How bleeping ridiculous is it that it took until OCTOBER for someone in the Al McGuire Center to straighten out the details of Mayo's "suspension?") As Buzz put it when referring to the summer trips home for (in order) Maurice Acker, Joe Fulce, Darius Johnson-Odom, Jae Crowder, and Mayo:

"I think any time in our world, whatever that world is, that we can skew our lens a little bit it makes us more humble, it makes us more grateful," Williams said.

"And that’s why we’ll do it again next season."

Well, it's next season.

If someone's getting sent home for the summer, then we may as well get out in front of the message board freakout over someone "moving out" of Humphrey Hall and figure out the most likely candidates. We'll go through the returning roster in alphabetical order and assign each player a likelihood score going from 0 for zero chance they get sent home (I know, right? Novel concepts all around.) to 10 for we're helping them pack their bags already.

Davante Gardner: At the Buzz's Barbecue last summer, Buzz joked/insisted he wasn't joking that they had to schedule a game pretty quickly after Christmas because Ox enjoys home cooking a little too much and they need to get him back on campus for fitness reasons. Chance Of Being Sent Home: 3

Todd Mayo: There's no way Buzz sends the same player home twice, especially in consecutive seasons, right? Chance Of Being Sent Home: 1

Chris Otule: We're going to presume that CO will be in uniform in the fall, even though the NCAA still has to sign off on his sixth season. (I think. It's all been very confusing all season long.) Graduate school isn't a picnic, though, and I wouldn't blame Buzz for giving Big Chris the summer off. Chance Of Being Sent Home: 8

Steve Taylor, Jr.: Knee surgery means rehab means Chance Of Being Sent Home is 0.

Jake Thomas: Well, he's back and he's on scholarship, so we'll actually think about this one, as opposed to ignoring Dylan Flood and Garrett Swanson. Buzz did ask him back after Thomas asked for his release, so I'm guessing that Buzz isn't terribly worried about Thomas' focus or whatever. Chance Of Being Sent Home: 2

Derrick Wilson: I remain a resident of "Derrick Will Start At Point Guard In Game 1 Of The 2013-14 Season" Island. I'm going to guess that Buzz is going to want a little bit more offense out of him next year, though, and that requires a summer in the gym. Chance Of Being Sent Home: 1

Jamil Wilson: How effective is sending a guy home when he lives in Racine? It's not like it would really stop him from being on campus to hang out with his teammates or even prevent him from playing in the Milwaukee Pro-Am, presuming that returns for its fourth year. Chance Of Being Sent Home: 3

And that's it. Agree or disagree with any of the assessments? That's what the comments section is for!