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The "So, About..." Series Continues: Juan Anderson To Continue Attending Marquette

This might be the weirdest offseason I can remember.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

So, just when we got used to Marquette and head coach Buzz Williams going in to the 2013-14 season with an open scholarship, that's no longer a thing.

Let's recap the roster moves so everyone's on the same page, okay?

  • Junior Cadougan and Trent Lockett have used all of their eligibility
  • Chris Otule has applied for his sixth year of eligibility
  • Jamal Ferguson has decided to transfer
  • Vander Blue has entered the NBA Draft
  • Jake Thomas and Juan Anderson have both asked for their release, but have ultimately decided to not leave and will both be back on scholarship next year.
  • Duane Wilson, Deonte Burton, Jameel McKay, John Dawson, and Jajuan Johnson will begin at Marquette in the fall.

Did I miss anything? BECAUSE IT'S POSSIBLE THAT I DID. Sweet merciful crap, has an Elite Eight team with only two seniors ever had so much happen in the first 7 weeks of the off season?


Back when he was going to transfer, Anderson said his reasons were largely motivated by his family. Obviously, he's going to to elaborate on what that may have meant, nor do I want him to. But here's what he has to say now via press release from MU, not coincidentally after he's been at home after finals:

I had an extended opportunity to discuss everything with my family and after those conversations we believed, along with the coaching staff, that Marquette was the best place for me to continue my career.

And we'll tack on official comment from Buzz, too:

After multiple conversations that have transpired over the last month with Juan and his family, he has decided to come back to Marquette and rejoin our program. He is grateful for this opportunity and I am convinced this is the right thing to do.

So, yeah. I guess this explains why Buzz told Michael Hunt that he didn't expect Anderson to transfer. Of course, Paint Touches reports that Anderson had every intention of transferring, but while there were schools out west asking about Anderson, it appears that he wasn't getting quite the response that he was hoping for, leading to where we are now.

As I alluded to in the opening paragraph, Marquette now sits at the NCAA limit of 13 scholarship players for the 2013-14 season, presuming that the NCAA does officially approve Chris Otule's sixth season. Anderson's return should help alleviate any concerns regarding Steve Taylor's recovery from knee surgery that will keep him on the shelf over the summer. The Golden Eagles will have quite a talented and experienced front court for 2013-14, with the returns of Anderson, Otule, Taylor, Davante Gardner, and Jamil Wilson, along with the additions of McKay and Burton.