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5.6 Morning Coffee

5.6 Morning Coffee. Marquette links, Dead Milkmen, Iron Man 3, awful cereal and awesome toys.

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Win McNamee

Y'all probably need some coffee are Cinco de Mayo, right?

So, how about the LAX team with over 4K people in attendance yesterday at Hart park? The team wore rad jerseys, but fell to Duke.

So when is the on campus lacrosse stadium going up?

We offered a kid from just outside Madison and the kid committed. Paint Touches has the details. Once again, I struggle to get excited about recruits. I'll get excited when they're suited up on campus. Recruiting in college sports is the worst. Some view it as the life blood of a program. I just can't. I'm just glad my career doesn't involve trying to hype up 15 year old kids. At least some who cover it, realize they're part of the problem.

I got schooled by Jay Bilas. He's still pretty damn cool.


Kid interviews Honest Toddler.

Damn. $175 million for Iron Man 3.

Science on how not to break a chip when dipping.

Pretty much sums up Twitter.

This obit is amazing.

Exactly my thoughts on a mint julep.

Art teachers > security guards.

I'm sure I ate about 15 of these awful 90 cereals.

I'm sure I had 0 of these awesome 80s toys.

Good music for a good cause.

Marquette Basketball Links
Y'all betta recognize!
More of our player reviews.
Paint Touches has a bunch of top performances
Steve Taylor went under the knife.
How will Marquette replace Blue's production?
George Thompson is receiving a lifetime achievement award.
Wardle has a supporter in SI writer Greg Bedard.

Random Music Video