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A Stream Of Consciousness Post About The Marquette Basketball Rosters

Walk with me for a moment, won't you?


The following is the stream of consciousness that I had while reading Twitter. Enjoy.

Oh, hey, they put up the official 2013-14 men's basketball roster. Neat. *click*

/spends some time looking at the listed heights & weights for the newcomers

Hey, there's no more Garrett Swanson on this list. Oh well. Seemed kind of weird that he was choosing to walk on so far from home anyway.

I wonder if the women's basketball roster is updated? I can't remember if I read anything about any incoming freshmen for them...

/clicks over to the women's basketball roster

Hmmmmm.... it says 2013-14 roster, but I don't see any new names. Maybe if I check the news archive or the game notes from the WNIT game?


Huh, the game notes have two new freshmen coming in, both guards. Well, that's going to make for a crowded back court with.... hey, wait a minute....

/goes back to the women's roster

There's no Gabi Minix on here. Or Margeaux Dupuy, either, but she didn't play much anyway. Gabi was supposed to be coming back after tearing her ACL one game into the season last year.... Huh.

/double checks the news archive to make sure I didn't miss anything

Nope. Well, it's a mystery for now, I guess.