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There Is No Theme For Phase 3 Of The Non-Conference Schedule

Three home games and a neutral site contest with New Mexico. Pretty slick, though.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I miss the days of getting one new non-conference game a day. Now it's July 10th and there's nothing to look forward to for at least a month when the soccer preseason awards are officially announced.

In any case, the last four games of the non-conference schedule have been announced on the official men's basketball Facebook page, bringing the total of regular season games for MU to 31 - 13 non-conference games and 18 Big East games. Let's take a look at the last four non-conference games!

December 14 - IUPUI

2012-13 Record: 6-26
Leading Returning Scorer: Mitchell Patton, 13.7 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: Donovan Gibbs, 6.5 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 336

December 17 - Ball State

2012-13 Record: 15-15
Leading Returning Scorer: Jesse Berry, 12.8 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: Majok Majok, 9.8 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 258

December 21 - New Mexico (in Las Vegas)

2012-13 Record: 29-6
Leading Returning Scorer: Kendall Williams, 13.3 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: Alex Kirk, 8.1 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 25

December 28 - Samford

2012-13 Record: 11-21
Leading Returning Scorer: Tim Williams, 14.2 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: Tim Williams, 7.1 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 283