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Bring On The Titans!

ESPN announced the bracket for the Wooden Legacy today. Guess who Marquette drew in the first round?

CSF has orange jerseys, so we might see this color match on the court at the Wooden Legacy.
CSF has orange jerseys, so we might see this color match on the court at the Wooden Legacy.
Win McNamee

If you guessed the Cal State-Fullerton Titans, who are hosting the first two rounds in Titan Gym, you win!

Ok, the headline kind of gave it away, didn't it?

Based on the schedule of the first round games, it looks like they're going to clear the gym after the first two games. Given that Titan Gym has a capacity of 4,000, I'm guessing that each of the four schools will be allocated tickets for their pod, so it's probably not going to be a true road game. But playing in front of a thousand Titan fans who didn't have to travel at all to get to the game probably won't be a picnic, either.

The other important thing to note is that Marquette is clearly on the weaker half of the bracket, and that's largely because the Golden Eagles had to be bracketed opposite both Creighton and Arizona State. Both the Bluejays (conference games) and the Sun Devils (non-conference game) are on Marquette's schedule already, so the Wooden Legacy folks had to keep them apart as long as possible. This resulted in Creighton and Arizona being paired together in the first round, along with San Diego State and the College of Charleston as a first round matchup. All four of those teams won at least 22 games last year.

Meanwhile, back on Marquette's side of the bracket, two teams - George Washington and Cal State-Fullerton - finished under .500 last year. The fourth team, Miami (FL) had an outstanding season last year ending in a loss to MU in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament, but they've lost their top six (6!) scorers from that team. Jim Larranaga is a great coach, but getting this team into contention for an NCAA tournament slot is going to be a steep hill to climb.

For more insight on the field, go check out ESPN's breakdown of everything Wooden Legacy.