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The Marquette Related Tweet Of The Week: 7/16-7/22

Just Buzz being Buzz...

Gregory Shamus

Here at Anonymous Eagle, we're hip to all the latest trends on the internet... or so we tell ourselves. We know how much the kids today like to keep in touch and communicate through social media. In particular, we're big fans of the service known the world over as Twitter. Each week, we'll bring you a tweet that we found particularly interesting/funny/thought provoking/ridiculous that has some kind of Marquette connection to it.

There are four constants in life: Death, taxes, Bill Self winning the Big 12, and Buzz Williams poking fun at his players.

This time around, Buzz took to Twitter before the start of yesterday's youth basketball camp to 1) pose ridiculously with three of his players and 2) jokingly accuse them of being bad at basketball.

I really can't get enough of 18-22 year olds being dorks on social media. It's always funny.

Have you seen a Marquette related tweet that you'd like to see in this spot in the future? Let us know on Twitter or send the direct URL link to and be sure to send your Twitter tag along with it so we can give you credit for finding it!