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Phase 2 Of The 2013-14 Non-Conference Schedule: Away Games

New day, new batch of games.


Following up yesterday's announcement of a four game homestand to open the season, Marquette men's basketball announced five games today on their Facebook page, all of which will be away from the Bradley Center. Let's take a look, shall we?

November 25 - At Arizona State

2012-13 Record: 22-13
Leading Returning Scorer: Jahii Carson, 18.5 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: Jonathan Gilling, 6.1 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 69, dudes!

November 28-30 - The Wooden Legacy Tournament

Marquette and Arizona State are two of the eight teams, so GOOD NEWS we only have to focus here on the six others, since we don't know the official brackets yet. Please remember that MU will only play three of these teams.

Cal State Fullerton

2012-13 Record: 14-18
Leading Returning Scorer: Alex Harris, 10.5 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: Marquis Horne, 4.3 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 218

College Of Charleston

2012-13 Record: 24-11
Leading Returning Scorer: Anthony Stitt, 11.0 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: Adjehi Baru, 8.3 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 154


2012-13 Record: 28-8
Leading Returning Scorer: Doug McDermott (duh), 23.2 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: Doug McDermott (duh), 7.7 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 19

George Washington

2012-13 Record: 13-17
Leading Returning Scorer: Isaiah Armwood, 11.9 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: Isaiah Armwood, 8.8 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 108

Miami (FL)

2012-13 Record: 29-7
Leading Returning Scorer: Rion Brown, 6.4 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: Rion Brown, 2.0 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 14

San Diego State

2012-13 Record: 23-11
Leading Returning Scorer: Xavier Thames, 9.5 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: J.J. O`Brien, 4.5 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 36

December 7 - At Wisconsin

2012-13 Record: 23-12
Leading Returning Scorer: Ben Brust, 11.1 ppg
Leading Returning Rebounder: Ben Brust, 5.1 rpg
Final 2012-13 Ranking: 12