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Soccer Rankings Everywhere!

We've got two national team rankings for the women's team, a national ranking for the men's team, and three men's players on a national player list!

Once Axel Sjoberg gets into the air....
Once Axel Sjoberg gets into the air....

Oh, man, where to start?

Let's go with women's soccer, since their season debut is just 11 days away. First, Top Drawer Soccer put out their preseason top 25 rankings. YOUR Golden Eagles slot in at 14th in the country, a perfectly acceptable spot for a team that both lost and returns a significant portion of last year's squad. If you were wondering about what teams await MU during the course of the season, TDS has three future Marquette opponents in their rankings: UCLA is at #4, Portland, the opponent for the season opener, slots in at #15, and Georgetown starts out at #16.

Moving over to the thoughts of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA), they have started out Marquette in the #14 slot as well in their preseason rankings. The NSCAA has the same three future opponents ranked as well, although there's a slightly different order. UCLA is down in 5th, Georgetown surges upwards to the #18 slot, while Portland stays in the top 25 at #22.

If we stay with the NSCAA, but move to the men's rankings, we find that Marquette starts out in the #12 slot. That *sounds* pretty impressive, and let's be honest, it really is. But sitting in the #3 hole is Georgetown and coming in at #6 is Creighton. Twelfth best team in the country, third best team in the league. Not much has changed from last year, when Marquette and three other teams in their Big East division were all in the top 10 at the same time, huh? Those are the only Marquette opponents in the top 25, unless you want to count #1 Indiana, which Marquette will face in an exhibition match on August 22nd. Three more Marquette opponents picked up votes but didn't make it into the preseason poll, so it's possible that by the time MU plays Xavier, St. John's, and Michigan - all on the road, by the way -  they could all have moved into the top 25.

We'll wrap up by flipping back to Top Drawer Soccer and their preseason list of the top 100 upperclassmen in the country, with upperclassmen simply defined as "not freshmen." Midfielder Bryan Ciesiulka (20), defender Axel Sjoberg (25), and goalkeeper Charlie Lyon (28) all represent the Golden Eagles. Yes, they're the only three Marquette players in the top 100, but 1) All of them are in the top 28, although that's unsurprising after they all made it onto TDS's Best XI lists and 2) You gotta share some of the space with everyone else in the country, too. Speaking of the rest of the country, 13 players in all from the Big East made it onto TDS' Top 100. Georgetown leads the way with the most at four, while Creighton tied Marquette with three players.