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Big East Coaches Pick Marquette To Win Women's Soccer Title

But Georgetown walks away with all three individual honors.

Taylor Madigan was one of three Golden Eagles named to the preseason all-conference team.
Taylor Madigan was one of three Golden Eagles named to the preseason all-conference team.

With coaches prohibited from voting for their own teams, Marquette got seven of the nine possible first place votes in the preseason women's soccer coaches polling and edged out Georgetown 79-75 to earn the spot as the favorite to win a regular season title for the fifth season in a row. Villanova came in third, followed by DePaul and Providence to round out the top five. If you flip back to our predictions post, it appears that I got four of the five right, and nailed their exact positioning, too. It appears that the Big East coaches are not as sold on Butler as I was, however, as the Bulldogs ended up in seventh.

To ease the pain of their second place finish in the polling, the Hoyas ended up with all three individual honors handed out by the conference.

Preseason Offensive Player Of The Year: Daphne Corboz, F, Jr., Georgetown - Like I said in the predictions post, it's a no-brainer when a sophomore wins the previous year's postseason award.

Preseason Defensive Player Of The Year: Emily Menges, D, Sr., Georgetown - I whiffed on this pick, as I figured the coaches would vote for MU to win the league and wouldn't give all three awards to a team not picked to win the title. Not only did I miss on the pick, it turns out that I can't read my own notes very well, as Taylor Houck (my original pick) plays for Villanova, not Georgetown as I originally thought.

Preseason Goalkeeper Of The Year: Emily Newins, So., Georgetown - It seemed like the obvious pick to me, and that's how the coaches felt as well.

Now we get to the all-conference team. I'm not entirely sure what happened here. The Big East named five forwards, four midfielders, four defenders, and a goalkeeper to the all-conference team, for a total of 14 players. The official announcement says that there was a tie in the fowards, so there's one extra player there. That brings us to 13. It seems like they counted Newins towards an 11 player all-conference team, but not Corboz or Menges, which seems kind of weird.

In any case, three Golden Eagles were named to the preseason all-conference team. Forward Maegan Kelly, midfielder Taylor Madigan, and defender Emily Jacobson all qualified, with Jacobson and Kelly both being unanimous choices. Here's the full list, with asterisks noting the unanimous choices:

*Daphne Corboz, Jr., Georgetown
Kaitlin Brenn, Sr., Georgetown
*Maegan Kelly, Sr., Marquette
Amy Marron, Sr., St. John's
Catherine Zimmerman, So., Providence

Sophie Maccagnone, So., Butler
Colleen Dinn, Sr., Georgetown
Taylor Madigan, Sr., Marquette
Emily Damstram, So., Villanova

*Emily Menges, Sr., Georgetown
Kylie Nordness, Sr., DePaul
*Emily Jacobson, Sr., Marquette
*Taylor Houck, Sr., Villanova

Emma Newins, So., Georgetown

The math gets a little funky since the conference named 14 players, but nine of my 11 picks for all-conference made it on to the official list. I reached on Lauren Cigoranelli from Creighton and Ashley Clarke from Seton Hall, while the official list added Marron, Dinn, Damstram, Menges, and Nordness instead. The format change (i.e. naming four players from every position instead of a straight 11) kind of threw my picks off, as I elected to go with more forwards and mids, as defenders have been underrepresented in the past. Still, nine of 11 is pretty impressive.