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The Marquette Related Tweet Of The Week: 9/3-9/9

Ox is psyched to be included in Tweet Of The Week. Probably.
Ox is psyched to be included in Tweet Of The Week. Probably.

Here at Anonymous Eagle, we're hip to all the latest trends on the internet... or so we tell ourselves. We know how much the kids today like to keep in touch and communicate through social media. In particular, we're big fans of the service known the world over as Twitter. Each week, we'll bring you a tweet that we found particularly interesting/funny/thought provoking/ridiculous that has some kind of Marquette connection to it.

It's just the third week of classes on campus, and this kind of tweet has been very popular in the #mubb stream since the start of classes:

Aren't freshmen adorable? Even right down to the inadvertent typo in the excited hurry to type the tweet.

I remember that when I was a freshman, due to the odd nature of how schedules worked themselves out, more often than not I found myself walking to my chemistry class behind Jarrod Lovette. (Yes, I'm old. Shut up.) It was easy to figure this out when the gigantic dude with floppy blonde hair 40 feet in front of you is wearing a jacket with the old Golden Eagles logo gripping a basketball on the back of it.

Just a reminder, though: Marquette's athletes have a crazy busy schedule between classes, and study hall, and practice, and weight training. While it's fun to stop say hi and what have you, try not to bug them too much. Odds are they're just as busy as you are. Although, if #HeBeChillinDoe, then it's probably okay.

Have you seen a Marquette related tweet that you'd like to see in this spot in the future? Let us know on Twitter or send the direct URL link to and be sure to send your Twitter tag along with it so we can give you credit for finding it!