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Men's Lacrosse Player Charged With Substantial Battery

On Tuesday, the Marquette Tribune reported that a MU student athlete had been arrested for substantial battery. On Thursday, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office filed substantial battery charges against Marquette men's lacrosse defender Charley Gargano.

I saw the story from TMJ4 first, so we'll go to their account of things...

In a criminal complaint, the officer said Gargano "acted bizarrely," and his "speech was incoherent." After calling backup, officers ordered him to the ground.

Though he initially complied, police reports show Gargano "jumped to his feet," and punched a second Public Safety Officer twice in the face. The officer suffered a broken left eye socket, a fractured nose, and eight stitches above her left eye.

That's really bad.

Gargano admitted to police he had ingested four separate doses of LSD that evening at a concert.

I'm no biochemist, but that sounds like it's borderline dangerous.

Gargano played in 12 of MU's 13 lacrosse games last spring, earning a starting spot in 11 of them. As of right this moment, he's still listed on the men's lacrosse roster. Given that according to TMJ4, his charges carry a maximum sentence of three years and six months in prison, as well as a $10,000 fine, I don't really expect to see him on the field for Marquette again.