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Vander Blue Signs With The Philadelphia 76ers



Time of day doesn't stop Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski from breaking news, regardless of the size of it.

Partial guarantee sounds good, but camp deal sounds like the guarantee isn't all that much. In any case, it's still a guaranteed investment in Blue by the 76ers, so odds are they have more than a passing interest in the 21 year old shooting guard. Between his natural athleticism, the improvement shown in his jump shot over the last year, and the reputation that all of Buzz Williams' players have set forth in front of Blue, it was only a matter of time before someone gave Blue a shot heading into this year's NBA season.

Between their draft picks and guys already signed to contracts and players added on similar camp deals, the 76ers roster currently stands at 17 players, according to the discussion in the comments over at Liberty Ballers. NBA teams are allowed to carry 20 players on their roster until the start of the regular season, at which point the roster has to be cut down to at least 15 and can go as low as 13.

Paint Touches did a breakdown of Blue's competitors for a roster spot, so go check that out to get a feel for the hill that Blue has to climb to be on the 76ers roster on opening day. One other thing to keep an eye on: The 76ers have acquired full ownership of a NBADL team, the Delaware 87ers, and this will be the first year of operation for that team.