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MU President Rev. Scott Pilarz, S.J., To Resign At The End Of The Fall Semester

Well, that one came out of nowhere.

Rev. Scott Pilarz, S.J., the 23rd president of Marquette University, announced his resignation on Friday, effective at the end of the fall semester. Pilarz assumed the post on August 1, 2011, after being tabbed by the Board of Trustees to succeed Rev. Robert Wild, S.J., in August of 2010.

While other sources can give you a perspective on Pilarz's impact on the university from other angles, Anonymous Eagle is a sports blog, so I think it's important to note what's happened to Marquette athletics in the 2+ years since Fr. Pilarz became university president. Syracuse and Pitt submitted their applications to join the ACC just 48 days into Pilarz's tenure, while West Virginia announced their intention to join the Big 12 six weeks after that. September 2012 brought the defection of Notre Dame to the ACC, while November 2012 saw Rutgers and Louisville announce their departures from the Big East.

All of these moves resulted in the seven Catholic schools in the Big East announcing their intention to break away from the football schools and re-start the Big East with basketball as the prime focus of the conference. It took the combined efforts of the seven university presidents to move the conference in this direction, not to mention the decision to break away immediately and begin the fresh start in July of 2013.

From an athletics perspective, it has been two of the most tumultuous years in university history. Marquette has emerged from the chaos as one of the highest profile programs in the new edition of the Big East, and it wouldn't be possible to say that without the efforts of Fr. Pilarz.

We wish Fr. Pilarz the best in his future endeavors.