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It's The Sixth Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It's time for one of my favorite yearly posts!


There's the start of practice & Marquette Madness, the start of the regular season, the start of the conference schedule, conference tournament time, and NCAA tournament time. Those times of the year all rank ahead of yesterday: the day student Fanatics tickets go on sale.

Every year, the #mubb tag on Twitter fills up with excited students buying their tickets, some for the first time, and every year, we share some of the best ones with you.


Ok, not all of the tweets are from current students.

Well, for certain values of "possession," at least.

And we'll wrap up with two final tweets...

There's still space in the student section for you! Marquette is riding a 25 game home winning streak and an 18 game home Big East contest winning streak. Come and join 15,000 (on average) of your new best friends!