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Things Of Note In The Men's Basketball Schedule

It takes a while to digest these things.


Yesterday, the important item was just looking at the schedule and plugging the games into the calendar or planning app of your choice. Today, we take a look at what's there and what's interesting about not just the Big East schedule, but the full men's basketball schedule for the 2013-14 season.

  • We have start times for all of the non-conference games, and with one exception (I'm looking at you, Wisconsin) we have TV arrangements for every game. Here's how things break down: 17 games on Fox Sports 1, four games on CBS Sports Network, four games on on various ESPN networks, three games carried through the regional Fox Sports Networks, and one game each for CBS and Fox. For those of you counting along, that's everything except that aforementioned Wisconsin game. That is a crazy amount of coverage. We're down to just three games that aren't on a national broadcast. Sure is nice to be the favored son of a national broadcasting network, huh?
  • Let's let associate athletic director Mike Broeker explain the Fox Sports Network thing a little better:
  • Marquette has two straight road games twice, and in both circumstances, the games follow a game-off day-game pattern. Conversely, Marquette has two straight home games on two different occasions.
  • The longest stretch between home games during conference play comes between Seton Hall on January 11th and Villanova on January 25th.
  • And speaking of that Seton Hall game...
  • FIVE, count them, FIVE of Marquette's nine home Big East games are on Saturdays. Even with three (and probably four once the St. John's game finally gets a start time) of them being 1pm starts, that's still a sign of respect from Fox Sports, as they want to get the defending champs on TV with home games with the best chance of a insane-o crowd.

That's what I saw. Anything that I missed? Let everyone know in the comments!