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Your Saturday College Hoops Open Thread!

20 nationally broadcast games! 11 ranked teams in those games!

Yeah, I'm basically trolling Paint Touches here.
Yeah, I'm basically trolling Paint Touches here.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It's a strong lineup of games, highlighted by Kansas State at Kansas. Well, it's a strong lineup at least until 3pm Central. Why is that, you ask?

Well, here's the deal: after 3pm, ESPN is airing a high school basketball game and then five and a half hours of the World Series of Poker. Over on ESPN2, basketball stays on the airwaves until 7pm, at which point the rest of the programming day is taken up by reruns of 30 For 30 documentaries.

Why is ESPN ceding quality hours of programming on a day with 139 basketball games scheduled to poker and the 30th airings of documentaries?

Either ESPN got suckered into a clause in their contract with the NFL, or they're openly tanking. Fox Sports 1 is fine running basketball against the NFL playoffs on both Saturday and Sunday including THEIR OWN GAMES, and CBS is doing the same thing against the Saints-Seahawks game and the 49ers-Panthers game on Sunday.

ESPN, the worldwide leader in being complete bootlickers to the NFL sports.

As always, all times listed are Central. If you get a local broadcast of a high quality game, be sure to let everyone know in the comments section!

10am: Saint Louis at Dayton, ESPN2
11am: North Carolina at #2 Syracuse, ESPN
11am: #9 Iowa State at Oklahoma, ESPNU
11am: Indiana at Penn State, Big Ten Network
11:30am: St. Bonaventure at #19 Massachusetts, NBC Sports Network

12pm: #8 Villanova at St. John's, Fox Sports 1
12pm: #10 Florida at Arkansas, ESPN2
1pm: #25 Kansas State at #18 Kansas, ESPN
1pm: #21 Missouri at Auburn, ESPNU
1:15pm: Minnesota at #5 Michigan State, Big Ten Network

1:30pm: Rhode Island at George Washington, NBC Sports Network
2pm: #24 Memphis at Temple, ESPN2
2:30pm: #14 Kentucky at Vanderbilt, CBS
3pm: Mississippi at Mississippi State, ESPNU
4pm: Virginia at North Carolina State, ESPN2

5pm: UCF at Connecticut, ESPNU
5pm: Rutgers at Cincinnati, CBS Sports Network
6pm: Georgetown at Butler, Fox Sports 1
7pm: St. Joseph's at George Mason, CBS Sports Network
7pm: California at Oregon State, ESPNU