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1.13 Around The Big East

Only one game to talk about, but that's fine, as I've got some extracurricular activity to discuss.

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Creighton 95, Xavier 89 - Apparently Creighton fans are the sensitive type. Xavier started off the game with a 12-0 run, and they promptly threw said lead down the drain by the nine minute mark of the half after Ethan Wragge made his first of five three pointers in the game to give CU a 23-22 lead. At some point after this, I had this to say on Twitter:

The point being, of course, is that everyone knew that the Musketeers wouldn't be able to hold the shutout and that the Jays would score eventually, but coughing up that whole lead in such a fairly rapid manner is ridiculous. That tweet got retweeted by our friend @wildjays from White & Blue Review, and that retweet brought these two responses from two very touchy Creighton fans:

I mean, really.

First of all, to answer Tony's point, I'm not denying that there are flaws with Marquette's team, but 1) I'm not in charge of fixing them, and B) The whole point of Sports Twitter is to comment on the games that are going on right now. That brings us to Rick's tweet. No, Marquette and Marquette fans were not particularly invested in Xavier defeating Creighton. But this was a game between two undefeated teams in Marquette's conference, so yeah, we were kind of invested in how the game turned out one way or the other.

Were we as Marquette fans this touchy 8 years ago when all of a sudden almost all of Marquette's games were on national television because of moving to the Big East? It almost seems like in these two cases that the Creighton fans are suddenly shocked that there are people paying attention to their games that aren't really cheering for one side or the other. Welcome to the big leagues, guys, where there are neutral observers watching every game. Get used to it, you're going to be here a while.


Back to the game.

Once Creighton came back and took the lead, they slowly but surely kept building on it. A Jahenns Manigat triple made the margin 14 points with just under nine to play, but finally Xavier woke up. The Musketeers ripped off an 8-0 run, capped off by an and-1 from Matt Stainbrook. That made the game interesting, but it didn't seem like it was getting away from Creighton.

At least, not until the final two minutes. That's when Creighton started missing free throws. First Austin Chatman split two pairs. Then Avery Dingman missed two. Justin Martin buried a triple, and following three timeouts, Chatman committed an offensive foul, leading to another Xavier three, this time from Myles Davis, that made the score 89-86. With only 29 seconds remaining, the Musketeers were forced to foul to get the ball back, but this time Chatman sank both of his freebies. Two more free throws from Manigat after Semaj Christon missed a layup pushed the lead back to seven, but a three from Martin with 12 seconds left gave the X-Men one last chance for hope, but Chatman drained two more free throws, and that was that.

I managed to get through that entire recap without even mentioning Doug McDermott and his 35 points. I'll take my cookie now, as you check in with White and Blue Review and Banners on the Parkway for more on this game.