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Wha' Happen To Jajuan Johnson?

The freshman guard let us in on some info, but it's still not a lot to go on. Now updated with fresh info!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Marquette guard Jajuan Johnson took to Twitter to express some thoughts he had in his head.

Now, that's not necessarily anything in particular. Not everything that you tweet has to make a bunch of sense, or even any sense at all, and I don't have the time to try to figure out if these are song lyrics of some sort. But, if you keep following his tweetstream, the freshman provides a little detail.


I'm going to presume that auto-correct bit TreyJay here, jumping his "literally" to the "literary" that actually showed up. That's all the detail Johnson provided, only saying it was a "long story." He did cap off his night with a tweet that said "Somebody save me," so I presume he was watching Smallville on Netflix.

Johnson hasn't tweeted since then, which may be someone from athletics getting in his ear and saying "hey, knock it off," or TreyJay going to sleep because of an early morning practice, or even a combination of both. As far as what's going on with Johnson, it's hard to say right now. Most injuries are best diagnosed the next day after the immediate swelling has gone down. Also, it's possible that this is just a preventative measure. Earlier this season, I watched Chelsie Butler on crutches for the women's basketball team's game against UWM only to turn around and play nine minutes against Oral Roberts just three days later. In fact, Butler hasn't missed a game since showing up on crutches at the Klotsche Center and has averaged 10 minutes a game since then.

Regardless of what is going on, I would expect that the next time we find anything out about Johnson's status will be Buzz Williams' press availability before the team departs for the Butler game on Saturday. Keep your eyes and ears open...


And there you go.