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1.16 Around The Big East

Only one game last night, but hoo boy...

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier 80, Georgetown 67 - Ok, first things first. Let's go to NBC's Rob Dauster:

What. The. Hell.

This gets screwier for the Hoyas. Semaj Christon committed his third and fourth fouls within 10 seconds of each other as the Hoyas led 61-56. Christon subbed out with 8:57 remaining. When Christon returned to the game, there was 3:25 remaining, and Xavier led 72-67.

To review: Xavier went on a 16-6 run with their best player on the bench, swinging them from down five to up five.

You can break that 44-14 run down further. Xavier finished on a 16-0 run over the final 6+ minutes, so it was a 28-14 run that turned the game around. Dee Davis was a terror for the Musketeers, scoring 15 of his 17 points in the second half.

Christon had 18 points to lead XU to victory, while Markel Starks scored a game high 19 points even though he missed his final five shots during Xavier's 16-0 run to close things out. You can head over to Banners On The Parkway and Casual Hoya for further discussion of this game.