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The Inquisition: On All Things Georgetown With Casual Hoya

It's time to renew our long running series of questions and answers with our friends at SB Nation's Georgetown blog.

Here we have Casual Hoya's answers to our questions about Georgetown. If you want to see how we answered CH's questions about MU, you can make with the clicks right here.

Make the case that Georgetown is the most disappointing team in the Big East. (Marquette is the correct answer to the question, of course, but you're a lawyer. Sell me.)

Georgetown is the Big East's flagship program and without us, you and your precious Fox Sports 1 dollars wouldn't exist. As such, I'm sure the execs at Fox would suggest that the Hoyas are the most disappointing team in the Conference since right now Hoya hoops is trending towards irrelevancy and we're not even yet into February. I'm in a great mood now!

It seems too reductive to say that the Hoyas are scuffling because Josh Smith is out, Jabril Trawick is hurt, and Markel Starks and DSR are being asked to carry too much of the load. Is it?

Reductive? Is this some sort of stats/logic exam? REDUCE THIS, JERKFACE. Yes, the Hoyas are scuffling for all of the above reasons you mention. The Hoyas are also scuffling because of a distinct lack of depth at the skill positions which is due to Porter leaving early, Whittington being a complete assdick, and a recruiting fail to have guys with actual talent and that contribute at the end of the bench instead of guys who have TRANSFER stamped on their heads like Stephen Domingo and Bradley Hayes and walk-on retreads like John Caprio and David Allen. Man, I'm really in a great mood now!

Did Josh Smith seriously get a hardship waiver because Ben Howland was mean to him for being fat?

I think that's pretty much what it came down to, yeah. I mean, that's bullying and bullying is mean! I still check my mail everyday hoping that the NCAA is going to grant my hardship waiver for having to watch him labor up and down the court with his crabby demeanor and then not play because he blew off classes and exams and in the process send Georgetown's season into the crapper.

Do the Hoyas miss Otto Porter more or less than Marquette misses Vander Blue? (Please note: we miss Vander like that lady who misses the dude who misses the desert who misses the rain.)

Otto Porter was a lottery pick and Vander Blue couldn't even get drafted. I think that answers your question as to who was more valuable. I like that you're going old school with some Sade and that desserts miss the rain riff. Georgetown misses Otto Porter like Tom Brady misses open wide receivers downfield.

Who wore the facemask better: Todd Mayo or Nate Lubick?

Nate Lubick completely bricked his one chance to make a splash this season, opting for the Rip Hamilton instead of the Jason. I don't think there are any Hoyas fans who are surprised at the brick, however.

Coach Buzz famously refuses to play our freshmen, despite the fact that our current senior-heavy rotation has led the team to the gutter. Are there any fresh faces who could help salvage the Hoyas' season?

Yes! Yes there are! They just all happen to be in high school right now. Georgetown's Class of '14 will salvage everything as Isaac Copeland, Paul White, LJ Peak and Tre Campbell will all likely be major factors right off the bat. As far as other fresh faces go, JTIII has refused to give playing time to sophomore sniper Stephen Domingo or sophomore 7 footer Bradley Hayes, which means they are either both terrible or he wants them off the roster next season, with the right answer probably being a nice mixture of both.

What qualifies the season as a success for Georgetown now? Have you reached "just make the Dance, even if it's in the play-in game" levels yet?

Um, yes. If you told me right now that the Hoyas could take a knee and we'd get a play-in game I'd kiss you on the mouth and bring you roses. The NIT is going to suck, man. See you there.

The Springsteen song that best describes Georgetown's season thus far is _________.

This is a great question and thank you for allowing me to run through my wealth of Bruce knowledge. ‘Downbound Train' comes to mind as one that fits, as it is a rather melancholy yet also soulful tune about trying times.

I had a job, I had a girl
I had something going mister in this world
I got laid off down at the lumber yard
Our love went bad, times got hard
Now I work down at the carwash
Where all it ever does is rain
Don't you feel like you're a rider on a downbound train

You should also be aware that once the season really goes to shit I'm turning Casual Hoya into an orgy of lunch documentation, baby pictures and daily Springsteen songs, and I welcome the Marquette community with open arms.

Honorable mention for me would be 'The Wreck on the Highway,' an underrated Bruce tune which is about a man coming to terms with his mortality and appreciating his family after witnessing a car accident. This song really resonates with those who watch Hoyas games and think they are watching a dumpster fire.

Sometimes I sit up in the darkness

And I watch my baby as she sleeps

Then I climb in bed and I hold her tight

I just lay there awake in the middle of the night

Thinking 'bout the wreck on the highway

Are you guys still keeping tabs on Syracuse, or is it like they're dead and never existed? I figure it's like how you'd keep track of your ex on Facebook, just to see if she got super fat or her arm fell off or something.

What makes you think my ex wasn't super fat and only had one arm to begin with? YOU HEARTLESS FIEND. For better or worse, Syracuse is no longer our problem and until we get those fools on the schedule again that's how I look at it. Having said that, I miss them badly. I also miss being good, badly.

You're fully prepared for this game to end in a 48-48 tie after both teams blow 12-point, second-half leads and every single player fouls out of the game, right?

If that happens I say we challenge one another to a duel and/or joust. In fact I think we should do that regardless since our seasons are pretty much doomed anyway and I think both of our fanbases would appreciate some bloodshed. Jeez, man, what has happened to us?