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1.20 Morning Coffee: Vacant Edition

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The horror.

The horror.
The horror.
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What's left to say? This team just isn't very good. End of story. This team is exactly the opposite of "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." This team should be better. With plenty of seniors this should have been prevented, but nope. They're just vacant.

There was a reason Butler was winless in the Big East. They lost to DePaul. Mainly because, Butler isn't very good. Marquette had a 12 point lead. Good teams don't blow that. They're just soft. Mental and physically.

*quick glance at the box score for positives* WHAT THE HELL BUZZ? No wonder the team was gassed at the end of the game and in OT. You used nobody from the bench. Sure Mayo with 27, OK. But Deonte, 4 minutes. Juan, 7 minutes. Dawson 5 minutes. And seriously our PG had 5 turnovers and 3 assists. That's pretty much the definition of a terrible PG.

Georgetown & Nova on the docket this week? I have zero faith in anything other than going 0-2 this week.

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Disappointment a synonym for opportunity.
Hoping to put the pieces together.
Butler is relieved.
The Creighton vs. Nova game tonight should be fun.

Not a surprise, but ESPN messed up. Big time.

Sure NBC, you won't butcher this, at all. Or this.

Richard Sherman was pretty hilarious last night.

Ride Along? Stupid America.

3 new solid records are out tomorrow.

Please Peyton, stop talking about my hometown. A penguin. Seriously.

Random Music Video: Rudimental - Free