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1.29 Around The Big East

St. John's tried something interesting last night.

McBuckets for days...
McBuckets for days...
Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

#20 Creighton 63, St. John's 60 - The Johnnies went with "Well, Doug McDermott can't beat us by himself, can he?" last night. They limited non-McDermott players to 8 of 21 shooting, and other than a 17-3 run by the Bluejays early in the second half, things seemed to be working out for the Red Storm. Even though Creighton had taken an 18 point lead on that run, the game was all knotted up with 11 seconds to play.

Unfortunately, Doug McDermott's nickname is Dougie McBuckets, and he went OFF. 39 points on 15-26 shooting, including 5-9 behind the three point arc. Those five long distance makes included this nasty game winner:

PRO TIP: Guard the guy who's shooting 4-8 behind the arc on your last defensive possession of the game, even if the plan all game long was to let him do whatever he wanted. I mean, REALLY? You're going to let McDermott just wander down the court and camp out behind the arc so Jahenns Manigat can just toss him the ball that easily?

McDermott also had time for six rebounds and two assists. D`Angelo Harrison had 15 points to lead St. John's. You can read more about this game at Rumble In The Garden and White & Blue Review.

Video via College Basketball Talk