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1.30 Around The Big East

You've made a fatal mistake, Seton Hall...

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The number of unclaimed shirts at this game is hilarious.
The number of unclaimed shirts at this game is hilarious.
Chris Chambers

Butler 64, Seton Hall 57 - And that mistake is gimmick infringement. Exhibit A: Your cheerleaders last night:

Exhibit B: A Tshirt sold by WWE to help promote Daniel Bryan.

The similarities are too much to ignore, especially when SHU's logo isn't very clear as to whether the pirate has a beard or not and the mascot barely has one.

Your honor, I rest my case as to why Seton Hall lost this game.

Or maybe it was allowing Butler to close the game on a 13-2 run over the final four and a half minutes. Back to back threes by Kellen Dunham got the run started and swung the game from Seton Hall by four to Butler by two with 2:33 to play, and from there, Butler was able to salt the game away at the free throw line.

Khyle Marshall led four Bulldogs in double figures with 13 points. Fuquan Edwin had 20 points, and Brandon Mobley had 10 points and 10 rebounds for the Pirates. You can check out South Orange Juice or Butler Hoops for more on this game.