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Women's Basketball: DePaul 91, Marquette 85

You've got to be kidding me.

Chelsie Butler was a terror for Marquette in just 10 minutes against DePaul.
Chelsie Butler was a terror for Marquette in just 10 minutes against DePaul.

I mean, where do we even start?

  • Marquette committed 28 turnovers in the game, including 19 in the first half alone.
  • But the first half wasn't all a disaster, as Cristina Bigica had a career high 17 points in the first 20 minutes.
  • It didn't really matter, though, because after knotting the game at 21, Marquette let DePaul go on a 29-14 run over the final seven minutes of the first half. That's a crazy enough phrase all on its own. 43 combined points in seven minutes??!? That's a pace for 245 points combined in a game.
  • So, after a nearly disastrous first half (turnover rate of over 44%!), Marquette promptly flipped the efficiency of the game in the second half. Marquette scored 0.81 points per possession in the first half, but got 1.12 per possession in the second. As for the Blue Demons? Marquette allowed 1.14 per possession in the first half, but held DePaul to just 0.92 in the second.

Alas, it still wasn't enough. Marquette had a chance at the end. The Golden Eagles spent the whole half dragging themselves out of a 15 point halftime deficit, and with 11 seconds left, Ashley Santos had a look at a three pointer that would have cut the lead to three points and made things interesting. But it clanged away from the rim, and DePaul got two free throws from Brittany Hrynko to ice the game.

Abbie Willenborg Player of the Game: You might think that this would go to Cristina Bigica, who boosted her career high to 19 with a bucket in the second half and grabbed nine rebounds as well. Unfortunately, she was a major part of the turnover problem, coughing up the ball six times. Katherine Plouffe and her 11 point, 11 rebound performance? Four turnovers, too. So I'm giving this to Chelsie Butler. The junior center had a career high 15 points on 6-9 shooting as well as four rebounds, and she did it all in just 10 minutes of action. Nine of her points came in the second half, most of which came on a stretch where she scored seven in a 10-2 MU run that cut the DePaul lead from 76-59 to 78-69 with 7:40 remaining.

Clare Barnard Undersung Eagle of the Game: With Apiew Ojulu, Katherine Plouffe, Brooklyn Pumroy, and Ashley Santos all in foul trouble in the first half, Courtney Thomas came in and played seven minutes. All she did was put up a seven trillion, but given the foul trouble and turnover problems for everyone else, Marquette needed anyone to step up and not be a liability on the court.

Up Next: Hopefully Marquette (4-4 in Big East games) can get their conference schedule moving in a good direction with a three game homestand. That gets started this Saturday, when Marquette hosts their first repeat opponent of the season, Georgetown. The Hoyas currently sit at 7-14 overall and just 1-8 in Big East games.