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Recruiting: Marquette Visits JUCO PF Deshawn Freeman

Steve Wojciechowski has one available scholarship and we might have a line on a possible target for that spot.

Kevin C. Cox

Per's Brad Winton, Marquette is in Kansas today to see Deshawn Freeman.

According to, Freeman is a 6'7", 200 lb., power forward who is attending Hutchinson Community College.  At #7, he's 247's top uncommitted junior college player in the country.  He averaged 16.4 points and 6.1 rebounds per game for HCC last season.  Freeman appears to have offers in hand from Arizona State, Tennessee, and East Carolina.

He's an interesting target for Marquette and Steve Wojciechowski for a couple of reasons.  As a second year JUCO player, that means he would join MU as a junior as far as eligibility goes, and Marquette already has five players that will be juniors in 2015-16, so he wouldn't be a solid move as far as balancing the classes out goes.  Also, as a power forward, it's hard to say where he fits into the picture for Marquette, as Freeman would be joining a frontcourt that would have Luke Fischer, Henry Ellenson, Matt Heldt, and depending on how you want to categorize them, Steve Taylor and Deonte Burton.

There's another aspect of this for the more conspiratorially minded amongst you.  If you want to think about things from a certain point of view, you could make an argument that Buzz Williams went with the rotation of players that he went with in 2013-14 in order to prove to administration that if he couldn't recruit "his kind of guys," then that was the product that you were going to get on the court.  If you want to believe that, then it's quite fascinating that Wojo would be pursuing a JUCO player for his first recruiting class.  Personally, while I believe that he is a crazy person on a lot of levels, I don't believe that Williams is crazy enough to have gone out of his way to intentionally damage a season just to prove a point, so perhaps there's nothing to see here at all.