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The College Football Anarchist's Guide To Week 6

Shout out to Arizona after last night!

It's not that I like Samaje Perine, it's that I like making West Virginia feel bad about themselves.
It's not that I like Samaje Perine, it's that I like making West Virginia feel bad about themselves.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Unranked (but undefeated) Arizona went into Autzen Stadium and defeated the #2 Oregon Ducks last night for the first anarchy win of the year!  We'll have to see how much this actually ends up impacting the order here, as it's possible that the Wildcats are actually really good, but worst case scenario is that we end up with at least a reorganization of the top 5 teams for next week.

The other four teams in the top five of the Associated Press poll are all playing on Saturday, and on top of that, three of them are playing teams ranked in the top 25, as is #6 Texas A&M, who we'll also check in on this week.

As always, all times are Central, and all lines are courtesy of Bovada.

#1 Florida State (4-0) vs Wake Forest (2-3)

When: 2:30pm on ABC
Line: Florida State -38
Chances Of Losing: Low
Possible Chaos Level: Very High

With the other four games having such a potential for mass craziness, I'm not going to spend a lot of time on a game where FSU is favored by more than five touchdowns.  I suppose it's worth mentioning that Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde no longer has the Seminoles in his top 4 teams.

#3 Alabama (4-0) at #11 Ole Miss (4-0)

When: 2:30pm on CBS
Line: Alabama -6
Chances Of Losing: High
Possible Chaos Level: Very High

It's GameDay's first ever trip to Oxford, and they've got Katy Perry in tow.  It's arguably the biggest game in Rebels' history, and the Tide are favored by less than a touchdown.  Ole Miss has gotten to 4-0 through four largely unremarkable easy wins, although I suppose beating Boise State 35-13 means something, just not as much as it used to.  An Alabama loss here would throw everything into hullabaloo mode, as the discussion immediately becomes "which SEC team belongs in the top four," as you could easily make an argument for Ole Miss, Texas A&M, or Auburn.  Remember: all four of these teams are in the SEC West, so they'll all have to play each other by the end of the season.  If Ole Miss pulls the upset: BUCKLE UP.

#4 Oklahoma (4-0) at #25 TCU (3-0)

When: 2:30pm on Fox
Line: Oklahoma -6
Chances Of Losing: High
Possible Chaos Level: Very High

TCU head coach Gary Patterson is pretty awesome.  Anyone who wants to openly bury the Big Ten, even accidentally, is okay by me.

To Coach Patterson's point, though, I don't know how serious we can take TCU's ranking as the second best points against defense in the country when Minnesota is the closest thing to a real team that TCU has played so far.  Do they deserve their #25 ranking?  Should that line really be only six points?  I suspect that we'll find out pretty quickly against the Sooners.

If the Horned Frogs can swing a win here, things will get pretty crazy pretty quickly.  Would another Big 12 team jump into their spot in the playoff picture?  Would that team have to be Baylor?  Do we have to start having a discussion about two teams from the SEC at that point, specifically the SEC West?

#5 Auburn (4-0) vs #15 LSU (4-1)

When: 6pm on ESPN
Line: Auburn -7.5
Chances Of Losing: High
Possible Chaos Level: Medium High

Good news for Auburn: They get this game at home at Jordan-Hare Stadium.  Bad news for Auburn: LSU desperately needs a win in this divisional rivalry after dropping their SEC opener to Mississippi State two weeks ago.

With that said, between their second half smashing of Arkansas and their road win over a ranked K-State team, I'd have to think that the Tigers are pretty battle tested at this point and should be able to figure this one out.  If they don't, it'll cause some volatility in the playoff picture, but since Auburn would have to be sitting behind Alabama for a spot for sure, an Auburn loss on its own would only knock Auburn down a few pegs and not cause any shift anywhere else.

#6 Texas A&M (5-0) at #12 Mississippi State (4-0)

When: 11am on ESPN
Line: Mississippi State -2
Chances Of Losing: Very High
Possible Chaos Level: Medium

For the first time all season, we have a game where the team that we're paying attention to isn't favored to win.

I mean, it's not like a two point line is a death knell for the Aggies, but it is the first time the other team has the advantage according to the gamblers.  Mississippi State has had a week off after defeating LSU in their most recent game, while Texas A&M is coming off of an overtime win over Arkansas last weekend.  Kenny Hill and the Aggie offense have the 5th best passing yards average in the country, not to mention the 2nd best scoring average.  The Bulldogs might be favored, but Texas A&M is definitely the more dangerous team.

If Mississippi State does get the win here, I don't think it causes much ruckus in the playoff picture by itself.  Maaaaaybe you can start arguing that MSU is starting to creep into the picture, but they'd still be stacked up behind Alabama and Auburn.  If the Tide and the Tigers both lose, which is completely possible... well, boy howdy, then we're onto something.