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11.10 Morning Coffee With The Admiral

I got nothing.

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See y'all on Friday night.
See y'all on Friday night.
Maggie Bean/

Ackbar Coffee

Welcome back, kids.

Marquette vs. Wisconsin Lutheran was exactly like Packers vs. Bears. A spectacular beatdown. Here's my takeaway from the "exhibition"(bloodbath might be a better name):

That's right. Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zilch, Bupkis. 

Random Links:
The Pope rules. Anyone else notice that the Pope wasn't cool until he was a Jesuit? 
Too Many Cooks will haunt your soul
I need to buy some of this art
I'm an idiot
Pillsbury Doughboy? Guess I'm gonna watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.
Disney is on a roll at the box office
For those of you who like Aaron Rodgers, you can get photobombed by him

More Marquette links:
BrewTownAndy with the official AE recap.
Matt Velazquez's fine recap. (seriously, for the first time since Rosiak we have a beat reporter with a pulse)
And then his blog, my word
Fox Sports WI recap.
The MU Athletic Dept game recap
Have you been following our player previews
Carlino to be "very impactful." Is that good thing? 
Thanks Xavier

Random Video Of The Day: Split Single (Jason Narducy is the man. His old group Verbow was the second band to play the Marquette radio "studio" - The first band? Chicago Cubs announcer Len Kasper's band)