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YOU MAKE THE CALL: Who Will Lead Marquette In Scoring In 2014-15?

We turn the preseason preview over to you, the fan.

Can Matt Carlino hit threes on a regular enough basis to lead Marquette in scoring?
Can Matt Carlino hit threes on a regular enough basis to lead Marquette in scoring?
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

We continue the fine tradition of allowing you, the fair reader, to determine the course of history, and vote for what you think will happen with Marquette this season.

For this year's first outing, we ask you to pick out who will lead Marquette men's basketball in scoring, as determined by average per game.

The likely candidates:

  • Deonte Burton. He's the leading returning scorer on the team, averaging 6.9 points per game a year ago.  He has a knack for scoring, and a mindset to do it whenever he touches the ball, too.  With 10 players available this season, he's likely to score a ton.
  • Matt Carlino.  In three seasons at BYU, he never averaged less than 11 points per game, and last season, Carlino had his best scoring season at 13.7/game.  Until we get some hard data on the rest of the team, Carlino is by default the best three point shooter on the team, and likely has a green light if he's open.
  • Luke Fischer. He was named the best high school player in the state of Wisconsin his senior year of high school and was a top 100 recruit coming out of Germantown.  He never got on track at Indiana, but hey: He's a big tall dude on a team without a bunch of big tall dudes, and he'd still qualify after missing Marquette's first eight games.
  • Steve Taylor, Jr. As we mentioned in his Player Preview, Taylor's shown flashes of being really good in the past.  If he can put it together and play a big pile of minutes this season, Taylor's skill set could put him into the driver's seat on the stat sheet.

I'll listen to arguments for other guys, but those are the most obvious candidates.  If you want to vote for someone else, justify your existence in the comments section below.