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YOU MAKE THE CALL: Who Will Lead Marquette In Rebounding?

One more statistically minded poll for you to consider.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We've already talked about who might lead Marquette this season in both scoring and assists, so that leaves us one major statistical category to consider: rebounding.

Let's take a glance at the possible candidates:

  • Derrick Wilson.  No, wait, hold on a second, let me finish.  I'm putting Derrick on this list because, believe it or not, he's the team's leading returning rebounder with 3.8 per game.  If head coach Steve Wojciechowski is going to play an assortment of guards on the floor at the same time, it could actually free Wilson up to rebound a bit more than he did a year ago.
  • Luke Fischer.  If I know one thing about basketball, it's that the tallest guy on the team had better be competing for the rebounding title.  Fischer should be getting all the minutes he can handle once he gets eligible, so he's got as good of a shot as anyone.
  • Steve Taylor, Jr.  The junior forward is going to be the tallest guy on the team for the first eight games.  While Marquette will probably need everyone on the floor to grab misses, Taylor's going to get all the minutes he can handle until Fischer is eligible, and if he's playing as well as Wojo seems to think he is in practice, then he's going to play a bunch when Fischer's on the court, too.
  • Juan Anderson.  A dark horse candidate, to be sure.  But Anderson has the second highest average amongst the returning guys, and, at 6'6", Marquette will likely need him to rebound all season long.  Overlooked in his absurd 27 point outing against Wisconsin Lutheran on Saturday: Anderson finished with eight rebounds.
  • Deonte Burton.  We've got a lot of candidates here!  Had he received enough minutes to qualify last year, Burton would have had one of the 400 best offensive rebounding rates in the country according to  His defensive rebounding wasn't quite on par, but hey, people develop as they get older.

Am I leaving anyone out?  Is there an even deeper dark horse candidate to grab caroms at a fantastic rate this season?  Rattle off your thoughts in the comments section below!