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YOU MAKE THE CALL: How Does Marquette's Season End?

We're changing up how we assess Marquette's overall season long performance by asking one singular question.

It's Steve Wojciechowski's first season in charge of a team. How will things turn out?
It's Steve Wojciechowski's first season in charge of a team. How will things turn out?
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In years past, we've asked about Marquette's non-conference record, their Big East record, their Big East final standing, plus questions about the NCAA tournament.  This year, expectations are different, and by different, I actually mean that they're up in the air.  Between a new coaching staff and very little experience at playing Division 1 basketball on the roster, it's hard to make any definitive statements about the team.

On top of that, the non-conference schedule is not exciting, and for obvious reasons.  There are significant challenges in there for the Golden Eagles, yes, but other than maybe four or five games, everything else is games that MU should be able to win.  I don't know if I really see a point in having a poll where everyone who is answering honestly is going to vote either 7-5, 8-4, or 9-3.

Then, by the time the Big East season starts, we might actually be seeing an entirely different team than in the first eight games, as Luke Fischer will eligible.  Does that suddenly make Marquette better and boost them up the Big East standings?  It's all mired in haze right now, and it seems unfair to try to make any real judgments about the team at this point.

So, we'll knock the season long projections down to one question: How does this season end?  Do the Golden Eagles figure out a way to sneak into the NCAA tournament?  Is this an NIT team?  Will Steve Wojciechowski relish the opportunity to keep playing and practicing with this squad and accept a CBI bid unlike last season?

Vote, and justify your answer in the comments below....