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Marquette Men's Soccer Season Comes To A Close

There was only an outside chance that they would get an NCAA tournament bid, but that failed to come to fruition on Monday afternoon.

I'm going to miss Charlie Lyon and Brady Wahl playing defense for Marquette next season.
I'm going to miss Charlie Lyon and Brady Wahl playing defense for Marquette next season.

On Sunday, October 12, Marquette men's soccer looked post-season bound.  Undefeated in their last eight, the Golden Eagles were 7-2-1 and riding a shutout streak that was already well past the previous program record.

Then, starting with a 1-0 loss to Butler, the Golden Eagles went on a six match winless streak through the bulk of conference play.  They didn't snap it until Senior Night in the Valley, where a 4-0 win over DePaul sent the Golden Eagles through to the Big East tournament by the skin of their teeth.  Following a 2-1 loss to Georgetown in the quarterfinals, Marquette found themselves with a record of 8-6-4 and an RPI ranking of #48.

With only 48 teams earning passage to the NCAA College Cup, it was unlikely - possible, but unlikely - that Marquette would be one of them.  On Monday afternoon, the feat proved impossible.  The NCAA took four Big East teams - Creighton, Georgetown, Providence, and Xavier - but left the Golden Eagles at home with the season officially over.

That leaves us with just one thing left to do: THANK YOU to Sebastian Jansson, Charlie Lyon, Axel Sjoberg, Luis Trude, and Brady Wahl.  Some of you have only been Golden Eagles for a few months, some of you have been around for half of a decade.  Regardless, you've all been a part of Marquette history.  Whether it was the latest game winning goal in NCAA history, or the first regular season title in program history, or the first conference tournament championship, or the longest shutout streak in program history, this group of seniors has played a major part in building Marquette soccer into a perennial contender.  Thank you again for all that you've done for this team and this university.