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Men's Basketball: Marquette Blasts Wisconsin Lutheran In Exhibition Game

It's been four years since we saw one of these on the schedule, so a quick reminder to reel in expectations.

Juan Anderson got the start for Marquette and recorded a game high 27 points.
Juan Anderson got the start for Marquette and recorded a game high 27 points.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, yes, Marquette won a game by the final score of 115-47.  Let's remember a few things about this:

  1. It was an exhibition game against Wisconsin Lutheran, a Division 3 opponent.
  2. The game had 85 possessions in it, and Marquette hasn't broken 80 possessions in an official regulation game since the 2012 Big East tournament.  That was the shellacking at the hands of Louisville, as you'll recall.
  3. Marquette had 47 points off of turnovers, 48 points on the fast break, and 70 points in the paint.  None of these things are sustainable, much less even repeatable.

Ok, so is there anything interesting to take away from the game?

  • With his first opportunity at creating a starting lineup, head coach Steve Wojciechowski went with Derrick Wilson, Matt Carlino, Steve Taylor, Juan Anderson, and Sandy Cohen.  I'm mildly curious about Anderson getting the nod and fascinated by Cohen.  The name that's most notably missing from that list is Deonte Burton.  It's possible, if not likely, that we'll see a dozen different lineups this season, as with just nine players til mid-December and then only 10 after that, Wojo will be looking to get the best matchups he possibly can.
  • Stats are virtually useless to take away from this game, whether of the traditional variety (Anderson had a game high 27 points) or the advanced type (Marquette scored 1.33 points per possession).  But as Mr. Kensington pointed out in his Player Preview, Matt Carlino has a potential to frustrate on occasion, and he didn't here.  Ok, yes, he went 0-4 behind the arc.  Those things are going to happen, though.  What I wanted highlight is his 6:1 assist to turnover ratio.  Again, still completely unsustainable, but the concept of Carlino being more under control than not with his passing is enticing.
  • Sandy Cohen attempted a shot from behind the arc on three occasions in his 25 minutes of play, and he made all three.  Only Carlino and Jajuan Johnson attempted more, and no one made more than one.  The Golden Eagles shot 7-20 behind the arc overall (6-9 in the second half), so if Cohen can carve out a niche for himself as the team's sharpshooter, that will be more than welcome.
  • John Dawson and Deonte Burton combined for eight fouls in 35 total minutes between them in a game that Marquette led 29-4 after 12 minutes.  Just saying.
  • Deonte Burton likes to dunk the basketball.

Did you see something that you liked or disliked from Marquette's efforts on Saturday afternoon?  The comments section awaits your input.