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Big East Tipoff Rockin' New Year's Eve Open Thread

Big East tested, Cyborg Dick Clark approved.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

There's (virtually) wall to wall basketball on Fox Sports 1 today, as the BIG EAST Conference finishes whooping the rest of the nation's ass and tips off what can only be described as unquestionably the greatest conference season in college basketball history.

Like, ever.

Anyway, the action starts hot and heavy with 15th-ranked St. John's (related: St. John's is ranked 15th?) invading the Garden State to tussle with apparently resurgent Seton Hall, continues with Villanova hosting Butler, and then finishes up with Creighton venturing to Providence and Xavier taking on Georgetown in Cincinnati.

We'll have a separate thread when YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles paste Ollie Purnell's DePaul Blue Demons, but until then, consider this your open thread for today's BIG EAST hottness.

Big East Tipoff 2015