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The Marquette Basketball Scholarship Situation Without Deonte Burton & John Dawson

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So, how you doin', Wojo?
So, how you doin', Wojo?
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The question has come up enough times on Twitter in the 4 hours since Marquette announced that Deonte Burton and John Dawson have elected to transfer, so let's lay it all out in solid black pixels.

Here's Marquette's current scholarship situation for this season and next season:

2014-15 2015-16
Juan Anderson Haanif Cheatham
Matt Carlino Henry Ellenson
Derrick Wilson Matt Heldt
Steve Taylor, Jr.
Steve Taylor, Jr.
Wally Ellenson Wally Ellenson
Deonte Burton [Open Scholarship]
John Dawson [Open Scholarship]
Jajuan Johnson Jajuan Johnson
Luke Fischer Luke Fischer
Gabe Levin Nick Noskowiak
Sandy Cohen Sandy Cohen
Duane Wilson Duane Wilson
[Open Scholarship] [Open Scholarship]

The NCAA allows Division 1 men's basketball teams to have a maximum of 13 players on scholarship.  Marquette had 12 players at the start of the school year.  That left them with one open scholarship, and that scholarship remains open.  Marquette spent scholarship resources on Burton, Levin, and Dawson, so their scholarships are not available for use until after this school year is over.

After this school year, Anderson, Carlino, and Derrick Wilson run out of eligibility, giving Marquette seven (3 departures + 3 seniors + 1 open) total empty scholarships.  Wojo got signed letters of intent from four high school players, thus leaving MU with three open slots for next fall, but one of those spots could be used immediately on a mid-year transfer.

Makes sense, right?