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Todd Mayo Named To The Big East Weekly Honor Roll

A little Mayo goes a long way.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

I think we all remember Todd Mayo going bonkers in the second half of last week's game against Butler.

Turns out, the Big East remembered it pretty well, too.  Even though that was Marquette's only game of the week, and it was only half the game, Mayo was named to the Weekly Honor Roll for his effort in driving the Golden Eagles' comeback victory over the Bulldogs.

According to, Mayo is part of MU's most frequently used lineup over the last five games.  Mayo has been partnered with Derrick Wilson, Jake Thomas, Jamil Wilson, and Davante Gardner 10.1% of the time, and considering that Mayo and Jamil essentially didn't play at all in the second half against St. John's, that's some pretty impressive minutes for that crew.

Mayo has also shown quite a boost in his statistical markers this season.  Continuing on the advanced stat path, his Offensive Rating is 105.7, and he's never finished a season over 100 before.  He's doing this while playing way more minutes, barely increasing his usage rate, and taking fewer of Marquette's shots.  Both Mayo's effective field goal percentage and true shooting percentage are much better than they were his first two seasons, as are his defensive rebounding rate and his assist rate.  He's ranked 493rd in the country right now in fouls drawn per 40 minutes at 4.8.

Mayo is playing spectacularly for Marquette right now, and it would be great to see him maintain this form down the stretch.  The next test comes tomorrow night at Seton Hall.