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National Marquette Day? Nope, It's Double X National Marquette Day!

National Marquette Day always pops up for one of the Saturday men's basketball home games every year, but this year is special.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Just like we had Double Badger Hate Week earlier this season, now we have Double X National Marquette Day.

Back in December, Marquette and Wisconsin faced off in both men's and women's basketball on the same day. Unfortunately, that had one game in Madison and one game in Milwaukee.

This Saturday, Marquette celebrates National Marquette Day with home games for both men's and women's basketball, and as it was against Wisconsin, both games are against the same opponent. Marquette's teams will be hosting Xavier's teams.

Thus, Double X National Marquette Day!

The women's game will take place first, starting at noon Central at the Al McGuire Center. Here's where it gets great for all y'all that already have tickets for the men's game: You will get in FREE to the women's game against the 8-16 Musketeers! If you're worried about transportation down to the Bradley Center after the game, the athletic department has you covered: there will be shuttles leaving from the McGuire Center after the women's game that will drop you off right at the BC with more than enough time before tipoff of the men's game at 3pm!

How cool is that?

For those of you out of towners, make sure your NMD viewing party is set up for streaming video over an internet connection, as all women's home games have free streaming video broadcasts. You can find the stream for Saturday's contest right here. If you REALLY want to get crazy, you can pick between men's lacrosse vs Hofstra or women's lacrosse vs Johns Hopkins to stream before the women's hoops starts, because both of those games get started at 11am Central.

One final note to prepare for Saturday: Remember, the whole concept of National Marquette Day annoys Syracuse fans, so if nothing else, we're coming out ahead on the deal.