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2.20 Around The Big East

Not another DePaul blow out to talk about....

Xavier fans frighten me.
Xavier fans frighten me.
Joe Robbins

Xavier 83, DePaul 64 - Xavier took leads of 6-0, 16-2, and 21-5. The end.

If DePaul's not going to try, I'm not going to try. Instead, let's talk about something fun that happened yesterday.

1) Sad Pitt Bear has a friend. Last year, there was a chap in the student section at the Petersen Events Center wearing a bear costume. Upon further review, it appears to be a costume of Ted from the movie of the same, but that's not the impression you got from seeing him given the time and score against Marquette:


Thus was born Sad PItt Bear. And now, he has a Russian friend.

Oh, that's so fantastic.