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What's All This Blue Demon Day Nonsense?

Hey, I thought that this was OUR gimmick?


I presume everyone had a happy National Marquette Day last Saturday, as it turned into wins over Xavier in both men's and women's basketball, plus a big win by men's lacrosse over Hofstra.

Today, we recover from an unsurprising loss to #11 Creighton and prepare for Saturday's game against DePaul down at the Allstate Arena... hang on, we've got some important news coming in across the wire....


This is *OUR* gimmick, DePaul, and if you're going to steal it, you're definitely not going to steal it AND use it against us.

Apparently this is the second annual Blue Demon Day. Last year, DePaul fans managed a whole FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY people gathering to celebrate their school, and I have it on good authority that was NOT the attendance at the Allstate Arena for their overtime loss to Notre Dame. You can go here to see pictures from last year's event, where there were groups as large as 11 whole people gathered to watch DePaul do something that resembled basketball.

With last year's loss by the Blue Demons, it is a time honored tradition for DePaul to lose on Blue Demon Day, and I'll be damned if Marquette is going to be the team to reverse that trend. If you're going to be in the Chicago area tomorrow, I *HIGHLY* recommend you track down a ticket and invade the Allstate to help ruin their day. For you more far flung readers, may I recommend checking out the list of remote watch events across the country and suggest that you crash the party? You might not be able to register for the events as it requires registering on their alumni website as well, but wouldn't it be fun to say, show up at Stadium Sports Bar & Grill in Boston to cheer on the Golden Eagles? If you want, you can print out this piece from the DePaul student newspaper and just start reading it out loud.