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2.21 Around The Big East

Oh, come on now.

I'm entertained by JT3 being behind Fuquan Edwin.
I'm entertained by JT3 being behind Fuquan Edwin.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Seton Hall 82, Georgetown 67 - Is anyone going to have a competitive game in this conference? I mean, come on.

Were there women's games in the Big East last night that we can talk about instead?  No?  How about Wednesday night?  No?  Previews for Friday night in men's or women's hoops that we can distract ourselves with?  No?


Seton Hall scored the first four points of the game and never looked back.  No, seriously.  Georgetown never led, and the game was never tied.  Hell, Seton Hall scored their last field goal of the game - a Jared Sina three pointer - with 5:36 left in the game.  That made the score 70-54, a 16 point Pirates advantage.  While holding SHU without a field goal for over five and a half minutes, Georgetown was never able to let the margin lower than 14, and it went as high as 19 on two occasions.

Fuquan Edwin had a game high 21 points on 9-13 shooting for Seton Hall, while D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera led Georgetown with 20 points.

This game sucked.  I'm sure that Casual Hoya will agree with me, but you can probably get a counterpoint from South Orange Juice.