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Marquette Basketball Will Cost You A Little More Next Year

It's not a raise in prices from the university, though.

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No one is going to say that the BMO Harris Bradley Center is the pinnacle of NBA or NCAA arenas. But with no solid plans to replace it set to go or even churning through the wheels of progress, the BC has to find ways to continue to make the facility viable for the Milwaukee Bucks, the Milwauke Admirals, and your Marquette Golden Eagles.

As the Journal Sentinel reported first, the Bradley Center announced an increase in the fees on athletic event tickets starting with the 2014-15 seasons. Tickets costing $12 or lower will have a 25 cent raise to a total fee of $1.50, while tickets over that mark will have a $2 fee, a 40 cent raise.

"We are working hard to ensure the center remains a viable economic driver, job creator and community asset, and this modest increase in fees is essential to doing that," BMO Harris Bradley Center president Steve Costello said in a statement. "We have had some excellent and important support from the city, the state and the metro Milwaukee business community through the Champions of the Community effort. We are very grateful, but we need to do more to address the significant challenges we face with the building.

"We don't have the luxury of a great deal of time, and it's essential that we do everything we can to keep the BMO Harris Bradley Center going as strong and as long as possible."

According to Costello, the existing surcharges raised approximately $1.2 million for the arena in the 2012-13 seasons, and the increases are expected to boost that total by approximately $250,000.

Based on the 2013-14 pricing, most of Marquette's tickets will be subject to the $2 fee. Only the seats in sections 408-414, as well as the highest seats in sections 405-407 and sections 415-417 were priced under $12 at $10 a piece for non-conference games that weren't the Ohio State contest. For Big East games, those tickets rose up to $15 each, thereby qualifying every ticket in the building for the $2 charge.